Exotic cocktails with bourbon and whisky

Exotic cocktails are very often associated with rum but have you ever tried to use bourbon or whiskey ? if you haven’t these tropical cocktails is definitely something you should try ! Both bourbon and whiskey works perfecly well as the base spirit in your tropical summer concoctions, or when you’re just in the mood […]

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Old fashioned – 5 modern variations of this iconic classic

Old fashioned is a true iconic classic, and a cocktail every connoisseur should enjoy once in a while with a good quality bourbon or whiskey being rye, whiskey, whisky, or something new and modern like these wonderful serves provided in this post. The thing I like the most about old fashioned, is that you get […]

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Layered cocktails

To me there is something pleasing about getting layered cocktails served. I think the visual appearance makes it fun and vibrant. I often use Butterfly pea flower infused gin, when I make layered cocktails. You can infuse any type of clear liquid with these flowers to obtain the colour, or you can buy one of […]

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Espresso Martini cocktails

Here in Denmark autumn is on its final steps, and winter is approaching.This time of the year coffee cocktails or espresso martini, are perfect cocktails to enjoy on a cold and dark evening. I want to share some espresso martini styled cocktails, which could be your next cocktail serve. I hope you find some inspiration […]

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Zesty cocktails

When studying the art of photography zest shot / zesty cocktails is a great lesson. I have lately developed my photography skills by capturing expressed citrus zest in my cocktail’s pictures. Citrus zest provides the pictures and the cocktails with extra flavour, smell and grace. Here are my advices for your zesty cocktails – Plan […]

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New York Sour

New york sour is a well-known classic cocktail, often served with a beautiful appearance. Classic New york sour recipe 6 cl whiskey3 cl fresh lemon juice2.25 cl Simple syrupegg white1.5 cl red wine New York Sour Recipes I’ve made three variations of the New york sour, with three very different visual presentations. I’ve been playing […]

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Tiki cocktails

I enjoy crafting Tiki cocktails with all kinds of flavour combinations, as they are vibrant, fresh and fruity. Tiki cocktails are often served over crushed ice, which makes them ice cold and refreshing. I absolutely love to experiment with Tiki garnish. The term “less-is-more” should not be used whilst garnishing a tiki cocktail. Go wild, […]

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