Blue cocktails – vibrant blue-autiful drinks

Blue cocktails Azulero Azul piscina Blue cocktails are fun vibrant and eye catching. These funky and often fruity cocktails are a perfect way to get your summer blues started. I love experimenting with the visuals, to make eye catching cocktails, and blue cocktails are some of my favorites. They always seem to draw peoples attention, […]

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Kombucha cocktails – bubbly tea drinks

Kombucha Cocktails Buyacha hibi Bucharita Kombucha cocktails Kombucha works particular well with sour cocktails like a margarita. Use kombucha to serve a highball, long drinks or even a collins styled serve, which I made in the kombucha cocktail recipes you’ll find below. Kombucha or kombucha tea is a fermented, tart and refreshing, sweetened black or green tea. The tea is […]

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Refreshing tequila cocktails – mezcal & tequila combos

Refreshing tequila cocktails Cocktails with agave spirits also called mezcal and tequila cocktails. These cocktails have one thing in common if you ask me – they love to be paired with fruit. Tequila cocktails with fruit you say ? Yes I have provided four delicious cocktails below, using agave spirits and fruit, these cocktails is […]

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Pouring Cocktails

Motion photography is something I love, whilst shooting pictures of pouring cocktails is one of favorite types of shots to take. The visual appearance, motion and life it creates in the pictures are amazing. Prior to your pour shot, decide if you want the liquid partly poured in the picture or if you want the […]

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Tiki cocktails

I enjoy crafting Tiki cocktails with all kinds of flavour combinations, as they are vibrant, fresh and fruity. Tiki cocktails are often served over crushed ice, which makes them ice cold and refreshing. I absolutely love to experiment with Tiki garnish. The term “less-is-more” should not be used whilst garnishing a tiki cocktail. Go wild, […]

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