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Motion photography is something I love, whilst shooting pictures of pouring cocktails is one of favorite types of shots to take. The visual appearance, motion and life it creates in the pictures are amazing.

Prior to your pour shot, decide if you want the liquid partly poured in the picture or if you want the very first drop captured. Of course, you can also capture both. I start taking pictures when the liquid is halfway in the glass and continue to capture until the last drop.

Taking pictures while pouring cocktails “Pour shots” takes practice, but everything does. They can also be a bit frustrating when they don’t go well, and you can’t go back and pour the cocktail again. If you’re new to pour shots, try practicing pouring water, coffee or juice into a glass again and again, until you have the skills you desire.


For this post I have choosen four of my latest pour shots.

pouring cocktails - agave fizz

Agave fizz

25 ml tequila blanco
20 ml agave gin
20 ml homemade pink grapefruit syrup
1 bsp lime cordial
Crisp sparkling soda water

Method: Build in a chilled glass (add ice and first four ingredients, stir and top with soda water)
Garnish: Dehydrated grapefruit & lime peel

pouring cocktails - pump´in fashioned

Pump´in fashioned

60 ml bourbon
10 ml pumpkin syrup homemade
1 bsp apple cuvee
Dash apple, lemon & thyme bitters

Method: Stir over ice & strain into a chilled glass with ice
Garnish: Dehydrated apple & cocktail pick

pouring cocktails - coco loco

Coco loco

60 ml coconut infused rum
30 ml fresh organic lime juice
15 ml homemade demerara syrup
1 bsp pineapple syrup
dash daiquiri bitters

Method: Shake with ice & double strain into a chilled glass
Garnish: Lime peel, mint and a coconut shell, with pineapple soaked in rum

pouring cocktails - wildish


50 ml gin BPF infused
25 ml dry vermouth
1 bsp creme de violette
1 bsp homemade elderflower cordial
dash lavender bitters

Method: Stir over ice & strain into a chilled glass
Garnish: Lavender

How do you capture pour pictures ? Please share tips / tricks / recommendations in a comment below.

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