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Martinez – A classic cocktail served in new ways

Martinez – a true classic that’s listed under the IBA official cocktail under “the unforgettables”. A cocktail widely known to be the precursor to the Martini, and it appears that the recipe came off a riff on the whiskey based Manhattan cocktail. The Martinez cocktail was originally made with genever / jenever or old tom […]

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Old fashioned – 5 modern variations of this iconic classic

Old fashioned is a true iconic classic, and a cocktail every connoisseur should enjoy once in a while with a good quality bourbon or whiskey being rye, whiskey, whisky, or something new and modern like these wonderful serves provided in this post. The thing I like the most about old fashioned, is that you get […]

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Blue cocktails – vibrant blue-autiful drinks

Blue cocktails Azulero Blue cocktails are fun vibrant and eye catching. These funky and often fruity cocktails are a perfect way to get your summer blues started. I love experimenting with the visuals, to make eye catching cocktails, and blue cocktails are some of my favorites. They always seem to draw peoples attention, make them […]

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Kombucha cocktails – bubbly tea drinks

Kombucha Cocktails Buyacha hibi Kombucha cocktails Kombucha works particular well with sour cocktails like a margarita. Use kombucha to serve a highball, long drinks or even a collins styled serve, which I made in the kombucha cocktail recipes you’ll find below. Kombucha or kombucha tea is a fermented, tart and refreshing, sweetened black or green tea. The tea is usually […]

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Old fashioned cocktail – 5 versions you have to try

Old fashioned cocktail Old fashioned cocktail – on the IBA official cocktails list, under the category “The unforgettables”. It’s a template I enjoy expirimenting with, and is orignally made with whiskey or bourbon. You can use any type of base spirit of choice and sweetener or modifyer, which will give you endless choice, so you […]

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1934 Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan – how to make a beautiful cosmo cocktail

Cosmopolitan 1934 Cosmo Cosmopolitan Also known as a “cosmo”. A cocktail I believe gained a massive popularity boost from the Sex & the city series and must have been one of the most popular cocktails world wide, at the time the show was live. The more well known version of a cosmopolitan (cosmo) uses a […]

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Bramble cocktail – recipes you must try

The Bramble cocktail This cocktail is a real crowd pleaser, and a delicious cocktail you can’t go wrong with. Bramble is a IBA official cocktail, under the category “new era drinks” created by Dick Bradsell in London, in 1984. The name of the cocktail designated from blackberry bushes called brambles, and the original recipe calls […]

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Layered cocktails

To me there is something pleasing about getting layered cocktails served. I think the visual appearance makes it fun and vibrant. I often use Butterfly pea flower infused gin, when I make layered cocktails. You can infuse any type of clear liquid with these flowers to obtain the colour, or you can buy one of […]

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Sustainable straw

Plastic waste is a popular topic these days. Let’s help mother earth by using alternative straw solutions, enjoy your cocktails with a sustainable straw without compromising your cocktail experience. Did you know that plastic straws are placed in top 10 of the most common plastic wastes in the world? Straws; glass, bamboo, plastic, paper, metal. […]

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January 1st

I hope you had the most wonderful new years eve, and got well into the new year. Today you might need something up-lifting for your hangovers. Spoil yourself with a delicious cocktail with one of these recipes. Below you´ll find two cocktail recipes for you to try, with syrup which you can make with the […]

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New Year Cocktails

New Year’s Eve is approaching, do you have your new year cocktails ready ?. The book “2020” is turning it’s last pages, and what a year it’s been! I think we can all agree on that. The biggest topic of them all in 2020, have been the COVID-19 pandemic, and for many American citizens the […]

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Christmas cocktails

Christmas and cocktails. We all have something we associate with Christmas. For me, it’s the smell of Christmas dinner and cookies spreading from the kitchen throughout the house and it’s decorating the Christmas tree with handpicked ornaments. It’s my favourite holiday of the year, where I get to enjoy great food and cocktails with my […]

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Exclusive event

Ferdinands – The vermouth cocktails edition Recently I was invited to an exclusive online event by Ferdinands gin called “The vermouth cocktails edition” hosted by Denis Reinhardt and Mario Kappes. During the event we were introduced to some great cocktails, all with Ferdinands dry saar gin and their line of vermouths in full focus. Mario […]

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Gin & Tonic

Gin & tonic – Endless combinations and possibilities to tweak and experiment with. Gins, tonics, modifiers or not, this gives so many options to play around with making just the right G&T for YOU. I really like to experiment with gin & tonics, in form of flavour combinations, and colours. It’s fun and there is […]

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Zesty cocktails

When studying the art of photography zest shot / zesty cocktails is a great lesson. I have lately developed my photography skills by capturing expressed citrus zest in my cocktail’s pictures. Citrus zest provides the pictures and the cocktails with extra flavour, smell and grace. Here are my advices for your zesty cocktails – Plan […]

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Pouring Cocktails

Motion photography is something I love, whilst shooting pictures of pouring cocktails is one of favorite types of shots to take. The visual appearance, motion and life it creates in the pictures are amazing. Prior to your pour shot, decide if you want the liquid partly poured in the picture or if you want the […]

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Dessert cocktails

Lately I have been working on some fun dessert cocktails with meringue.  I accidentally stumbled upon the idea of using Italian meringue to top on cocktails. Once I tried it, I was sold! Some of my dessert cocktails are inspired by tasty well-known cakes such as Lemon Pie and “Grandpa’s beard”. “Grandpas beard” cake is […]

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The Negroni template is a template I really like and enjoy to experiment with in all kinds of combinations.In this post I have picked three negroni cocktails with different expressions and visual appearances, of this well known classic cocktail. I have served all three negronis in my squared glass. I love to serve Negroni in […]

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