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Mind boggling, magical, colorful cocktails.

These gorgeus looking, colorful cocktails are both fun to make and tastes delicious. Blue and purple are my favorite colors, also for cocktails. When serving these show stopping colorful cocktails, it always draws attention with the “wow effect”.

Infuse your own gin with butterfly pea flower (LINK HERE) or buy one of the gin brands that produce them, and start making these visual stunning drinks. Be careful and think your presentation through, when using ingredients with acidity together with butterfly pea flower infused gin, as it reacts and changes color when exposed to acidity.

Below I have provided what I think, is three “must try” cocktails, that looks amazing and tastes wonderful. So why not get started and make your own mind boggling and stunning colorful cocktails ?.

Tip! If you decide to make butterfly pea flower infused gin by yourself, I can recommend to search on google, or try on ebay where they can be found easily.

Cheers & enjoy!

Colorful cocktails – recipes

Colorful cocktails - Electric saturn

Electric saturn

45 ml Butterfly pea flower infused gin
22.5 ml Fresh organic lemon juice
15 ml Passionfruit syrup
7.5 ml Falernum
7.5 ml Orgeat

Method: Shake with crushed ice (except gin) and pour into a chilled glass, top with more crushed ice. Float with gin
Garnish: Dehydrated pineapple, lime peel and bamboo straw

Colorful cocktails - Purple panda

Purple panda

50 ml Panda gin butterfly pea flower infused
25 ml Fresh organic lemon juice
20 ml Homemade champagne syrup
Fresh made crisp sparkling water

Method: Shake with ice (except sparkling water) fine strain into a chilled glass with ice. Top with sparkling water
Garnish: Dehydrated lemon on a cocktail pick

Colorful cocktails - Taste of berlin

Taste of Berlin

50 ml Gin butterfly pea flower infused
30 ml White vermouth
1 bsp apple & mint edel destillat
Dash apple, lemon & thyme bitters

Method: Stir over ice and strain into a chilled glass
Garnish: Dehydrated apple and thyme

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