Exotic cocktails with bourbon and whisky

Exotic cocktails are very often associated with rum but have you ever tried to use bourbon or whiskey ? if you haven’t these tropical cocktails is definitely something you should try ! Both bourbon and whiskey works perfecly well as the base spirit in your tropical summer concoctions, or when you’re just in the mood […]

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Old fashioned – 5 modern variations of this iconic classic

Old fashioned is a true iconic classic, and a cocktail every connoisseur should enjoy once in a while with a good quality bourbon or whiskey being rye, whiskey, whisky, or something new and modern like these wonderful serves provided in this post. The thing I like the most about old fashioned, is that you get […]

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Old fashioned cocktail – 5 versions you have to try

Old fashioned cocktail Old fashioned cocktail – on the IBA official cocktails list, under the category “The unforgettables”. It’s a template I enjoy expirimenting with, and is orignally made with whiskey or bourbon. You can use any type of base spirit of choice and sweetener or modifyer, which will give you endless choice, so you […]

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Christmas cocktails

Christmas and cocktails. We all have something we associate with Christmas. For me, it’s the smell of Christmas dinner and cookies spreading from the kitchen throughout the house and it’s decorating the Christmas tree with handpicked ornaments. It’s my favourite holiday of the year, where I get to enjoy great food and cocktails with my […]

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New York Sour

New york sour is a well-known classic cocktail, often served with a beautiful appearance. Classic New york sour recipe 6 cl whiskey3 cl fresh lemon juice2.25 cl Simple syrupegg white1.5 cl red wine New York Sour Recipes I’ve made three variations of the New york sour, with three very different visual presentations. I’ve been playing […]

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Pouring Cocktails

Motion photography is something I love, whilst shooting pictures of pouring cocktails is one of favorite types of shots to take. The visual appearance, motion and life it creates in the pictures are amazing. Prior to your pour shot, decide if you want the liquid partly poured in the picture or if you want the […]

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